Kostume Beauty From Brazil has a natural advantage in the World of Beauty. Kostume comes from Rio de Janeiro.

From our birth in 2006 we have been constantly immersed in Beauty. The Beauty of Rio's beaches and mountains. The Beauty of its cosmopolitan people. The Beauty of its music.

We can say that Beauty is in our blood.
Today we have crafted in Brazil's fashion conscious environment, a imaginative and innovative range of high quality and high tech hair care products.

From our state of the art facilities in Rio de Janeiro, a team of Brazilian and European experts in the world's Beauty Industry, produce the most creative high performance Products for the most beauty conscious markets in Latin America, USA, Europe and Asia.

Kostume Beauty from Brazil. We will let our products talk for us, to the rhythm of a Samba and the sound of the waves on Copacabana beach. Pure Beauty From Brazil.